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GKO Food Quality Standards

At Ghost Kitchen Orlando, we take pride in using the highest quality ingredients and making all of our meals from complete scratch. Our chefs at Ghost Kitchen Orlando are well-known throughout the restaurant world. Chef Jay Nartowicz has an international culinary consulting business that has had immense success within the restaurant industry. He has created several renowned concepts for restauranteurs, as well as many food offerings you see and eat every day on a local, national, and global scale for various foodservice brands. With our team of professional chefs having over 60 years of restaurant experience, they understand the crucialness of using clean and fresh ingredients to produce the best meals with no added preservatives. Since our chefs have unique backgrounds and decades of experience crafting delicious meals for several different restaurants, you will find foods and flavors from all types of cuisines on our menus. Regardless of your palette, we have something for everyone! If you have any questions about our food, feel free to contact us at

When finalizing our business plan and choosing the menu for our prepared meals, we wanted to pick menu items that lend themselves incredibly well for delivery, pickup, and reheating. We were extremely thoughtful when thinking of our packaging, food delivery, and the reheating process for consumers. How frustrating and disappointing is it when you want a takeout meal from a restaurant, but have it delivered to you soggy, cold, and greasy? With Ghost Kitchen Orlando’s prepared meals, you can receive a fully cooked, fresh-prepared and chilled meal that you can heat up yourself in a couple minutes that will guarantee a restaurant-quality meal from home.

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All of our meals are scratch crafted from our experienced team of professional chefs. Our co-founder, Chef Jay Nartowicz, has a unique and diverse background having cooked in several different countries, which is reflected in the cuisine you will find on our menus. You will see foods from Italy, Mexico, France, South America, and more! Each food item in every meal is carefully crafted to make sure the flavors work well together. We have diligently developed and tested each recipe for all of our meals.

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Our chefs are quality driven. We make sure to source the freshest and highest quality meats, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. Our meals are never frozen; each meal you eat is made fresh on the day that it is delivered to you. We make sure to prepare each one of our meals to order without stockpiling any ingredients. This way, you will always be eating a freshly cooked meal.                                                                                                                             

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We place an importance on all of our food being wholesome and nourishing. We use fresh and clean ingredients to make sure you feel good when eating our deliciously crafted meals. You will find clean and healthy ingredients throughout the menu, while we focus on using a variety of superfoods as core ingredients throughout our offerings. Although we do not focus on specific diets, we do have vegan, vegetarian, keto, and paleo options available throughout our menus to ensure we have something for everyone.


How We're Different:

Most prepared meals services buy pre-cooked meats, canned sauces, and frozen vegetables and just assemble the meals leading to poor-quality meals that are full of preservatives and lack freshness. Here at Ghost Kitchen Orlando, everything is fresh and prepared at our facility. We butcher, roast, and grill all of our own meats, while all of our sauces, doughs, marinades, dressings, and spice blends are all scratch crafted in-house. Because of this, we recommend you eat your meals within 3 days of receiving them to ensure freshness. Another component that makes us stand out is that we have our own licensed and professional state-of-the-art commercial kitchen. Most local meal prep companies are either sharing a kitchen space or making the food from their home kitchen. Having our own licensed commercial kitchen, we follow all HAACP and FDA guidelines to ensure food safety throughout our facility. We are also Serve Safe certified by the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.

We have fresh, all-natural deli meats that we slice in-house daily with no added hormones or antibiotics. Our hand-torn all-natural chicken salad, line-caught albacore tuna salad, and egg salad are deli classics that stand the test of time. Order our lunches M-F through your favorite food delivery apps! You can also avoid delivery fees by ordering through our website for local pickup at our Ghost Kitchen Orlando facility.

A deeper look at the quality ingredients found at GKO:



All of our chicken that we use is 100% all-natural. For our lunch menu, we brine, grill, and then slice our chicken breast. For our prepared meals, we marinate and grill all of our chicken breasts and thighs in-house as well. We also hand-bread our chicken for the cutlets on our menu.



Our Atlantic Salmon, North Atlantic Cod, and Albacore Tuna are all wild caught and never farm raised. We also fillet all of our fresh fish in house.



All of our produce is fresh, seasonal, and NEVER frozen. We use local ingredients where possible and hand-cut ALL of our own produce. None of our vegetables or herbs come in pre-cut or pre-portioned.



We buy high-quality, whole block domestic & imported cheeses that we slice or grate ourselves in-house. Therefore, no anti-caking agents are used. You get to enjoy cheese just as it should be.


Tomatoes for Sauces & Soups

All of the tomatoes for our sauces are ultra-premium, vine-ripened California plum tomatoes.



All of our marinades are made in-house from scratch using fresh herbs and vibrant spices.


Spice Blends

We mix all of our own spice blends in-house using premium spices and fresh herbs.


Focaccia Bread

The focaccia bread you find on our lunch menu is made in-house fresh daily. We make our own signature focaccia dough, let it proof overnight, and then bake it fresh every morning for our focaccia sandwiches.

PowerBowl copy

Salad Dressings

Our salad dressings here at GKO are all made from scratch using a variety of fresh ingredients.



If we are not making our own pasta, we are only sourcing the highest quality imported Italian pasta for all of our pasta dishes.

Catering cookie3


For our signature Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookies, we only use premium Belgian dark cacao chocolate and rich caramel bites.

potatochips copy

House-made potato chips

Our Yukon gold potato chips are thinly sliced and kettle cooked in-house, and then sea salted to perfection.


Deli Meats

All of our deli meats on our lunch menu are all-natural and sliced fresh in-house for our signature sandwiches.


Side Items

All of our side items are made with fresh vegetables and scratch-made sauces.



We use a wide variety of fresh herbs in our cooking to ensure vibrant flavors and freshness.

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