Prepared Meals

Ghost Kitchen Orlando specializes in preparing deliciously crafted meals for you and your family. Our chefs prepare fully cooked and chilled meals that you can have delivered to your door or that you can pick up from our location. We also have an โ€˜A La Carteโ€™ section where you can order individual proteins and sides in bulk! Click the button below to view our full menu.

  • Delivery Days: Monday - Friday
  • Pickup Days: Monday - Friday
  • Must order by 3:00PM for next day pickup/delivery.

Prepared Meals Ordering Details

You must order by 3:00PM for next day pickup/delivery. Our pickup and delivery days are Monday-Friday. We require you to order ahead of time so that we can source the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. We are making each one of your meals to order and not stockpiling any items to ensure that you are always eating fresh and vibrant meals. We deliver our prepared meals within 30 miles of our location. Please see graphic to the right for a breakdown of delivery fees. Prepared meals are delivered between 3:00PM and 8:00PM. You will receive a reminder email the day of your delivery and a text update when your meals are out for delivery.



Once you have received your meals, you will find a note from us in your bag regarding reheat instructions and other helpful information. Please note that even though all of our meals are fully cooked, we advise that you reheat your meals to 165ยฐF. Our containers for our meals are dual-ovenable, meaning that you can reheat your meals in either the microwave OR your oven. Please make sure to take off the plastic lid on the container before reheating your food. If you choose to microwave your meal, be sure to remove the plastic lid and cover your container loosely with either wax paper or plastic wrap before heating. If you choose to heat your meal in the oven, be sure to remove the plastic lid and cover your container with foil before heating. Depending on the meal, not all items should be reheated. Anything in your meal that comes in a black souffle cup should remain cold and not be reheated with the rest of your meal. Each meal will come with specific reheat instructions depending on the food that youโ€™ve ordered; you will find this information on the labels for each item.

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